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Hammakopp Consortium

Hammakopp Consortium is a civil construction company, incorporated in Nigeria in 1991. Its clients include State and Federal government, oil and gas companies and private individuals. Hammakopp is wholly engaged in Civil construction, Maintenance and Fabrication, Environmental and Sewage Treatment, Heavy structural fabrication, inspection and maintenance. Hammakopp’s activities are backed up by the Obijackson Group.

Hammakopp deploys a combination of local and foreign professionals to deliver excellent, cost effective services to its clients – services which not only meet statutory technical and contractual requirements, but are also consistent in quality. Hammakopp has expanded its civil construction activities with a massive acquisition of road construction equipment including bulldozers (D6), Excavators, Payloaders, Roller Compactors, Sheep Foot Compactors, Pavers, Pneumatic Rollers, Graders, Concrete Batching Plant. The company has installed its own Asphalt Plant, located in its Okija Base and has the capacity of turning out approximately 120 tons of top grade asphalt products per hour.

Hammakopp Consortium Limited has made remarkable strides in broadening its civil and road construction operations and geographical influence with an expansive new facility in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, to participate in civil infrastructure development in the region. Hammakopp still retains the 17-Hectare Hammakopp Construction Base in Okija, Anambra State, and have boosted personnel with the addition of highly skilled senior local and international recruits.