Doing Business With Us

Become an Obijackson Group Vendor/Contractor

Thank you for your interest shown in doing business with us. The first step to becoming a Vendor is to create a profile with your company’s information in the Obijackson Group of companies’ Vendor registration system, below. Please make sure you complete all the fields. The Vendor database is used to qualify potential vendors/contractors so they may be invited to participate in Obijackson Group of companies’ future sourcing/bid selection processes for various products and services.

To complete the registration process, you need to complete the online registration process and upload copies of your company’s certifications/permits. Upon completion of your registration and proof of certifications, your business will be added to our vendors’ database.

The Selection Process

When a sourcing/bid selection process is initiated, the information contained in the Obijackson Group of companies Vendor Registration system will be reviewed to identify qualified vendors based upon the applicable product and service requirements.

Vendor’s opportunities are established through a fair and objective selection process managed by our Supply Chain Management. This selection process is designed to ensure optimum quality, service, and value for Obijackson Group of companies, its customers, shareholders, and vendors.

Selection Criteria
Cost is always a factor in making a best-value decision, however, value creation and satisfying functional, technical, and other key requirements are also critical considerations.

Some of the key factors Obijackson’s Group of companies considers when selecting vendors are:

  • An understanding of, and a commitment to meet or exceed, Obijackson’s Group of companies product and service requirements
  • An ability to meet or exceed Obijackson Group of companies enterprise governance and vendor management requirements (including Information Security, Vendor Viability, Contract Risk, and BCP)
  • An executed Master Agreement containing Obijackson Group of companies contract terms, conditions, and requirements
  • Human Resources
  • An understanding of, and a demonstrated ability to support, Obijackson Group of companies policies and procedures
  • Documented problem resolution processes and escalation procedures
  • Industry reputation and experience
  • Technological capabilities
  • Strategic partners that proactively demonstrate and share industry trends and best practices that may impact Obijackson Group of companies strategic objectives

Your Profile

A complete profile only establishes initial eligibility
A complete Vendor’s profile doesn’t guarantee that your company will receive a request to participate in a sourcing/bid selection process with Obijackson Group of companies, and doesn’t imply that your company has any type of preferred vendor’s relationship with Obijackson Group of companies; either now or in the future.

How we protect your profile information
Information provided by your company as part of the vendor’s registration profile will be treated in a professional manner and will be subject to reasonable safeguards against improper disclosure.