Health, Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment

Nestoil's commitment to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is championed throughout all levels of the company and is embedded in every aspect of our operations. Safety is driven by our leadership and applied through our operating management system.

We are conscious of the health and safety of our people, our clients and the local communities in which we work and it retains priority at all level. We constantly aim to provide a safe workplace for employees, contractors and visitors.

We adopt a proactive philosophy in the implementation of risk management by applying a management system of international standard.

Visible management and supervisory commitment is demonstrated throughout our operations. Our HSE initiatives are managed by a team of dedicated and highly regarded workplace Health, Safety and Environment specialists and we incorporate these concepts in training, communication and motivation programs of all stakeholders.
We continuously work to reduce risk and hazard to the environment and the employees’ health and safety by remaining committed to the following HSE objectives:

  • Zero Fatality.
  • Zero Lost injury.
  • Zero Fire incidents.
  • Zero Environmental incidents.
  • Zero Occupational Health illness.
  • Zero violation of legal requirement.

HSE Capability Statement

Nestoil management has consistently demonstrated strong leadership capability in Health Safety and Environment matters in line with the company’s policy of Zero tolerance to incidents. This is achieved by management constantly improving through planning and review of the work process for a suitable and effective management system.

The leadership of our organization demonstrates commitment to HSE by proper allocation of time and resources to HSE and by giving it equal priority with work completion or milestone achievement. For us continual improvement in HSE can only be achieved in a culture where all element of the management system are allowed to flourish and where leadership set the HSE style of our organization by providing an enabling environment for safe work.

Our firm and committed approach to HSE has yielded outstanding results in series of successful project delivery without LTI. This feat has been severally recognized by our clients and rewarded accordingly with certificates and plaques:

  • October 2000- PSW-CVL HSE- MS in place Award
  • December 2001- PSE 2001 HSE milestone (10M LTI Free man hours, HSE MS certification and recertification) achievement
  • October 2005- 3.5 M LTI Free Operations, Nembe Creek Field Logistic Base/ Engineered Landfill project.
  • June 2009- 1M LTI Free man Hour Performance Merit, NCTL project.
  • 2011- Best Overall Performance Award by Mobil Producing Nigeria.
  • May 2011- Outstanding Performance achievement of over 2M LTI/Fatality Free Man hour on NCTL

Our pledge is to continue driving for excellence internally and externally with the support of our clients to achieve greater success.